Tesla Van Project

Tesla Van Project.

Vans are essential this any just about every country. They keep business running day to day.

The Idea of an electric van making local deliveries around a town is an easy concept to imagine but I am interested in taking this a stage further. Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers have an extensive network of charging stations around the country. I want to make use of these and show that there could be a fleet of electric vans acting as the countries lifeblood and creating a greener future.

In this project the good being hauled would be me, the van will be converted into a camper with all the luxuries and equipment I would need to make the trip. The target weight for the vehicle is around 3,000kg. this is on the heavy side of what would be their normal load but still below the 3,500 limit. This would demonstrate the concept perfectly.

In addition to he charging stations a LWB sprinter has a roof surface area of around ****m2, even allowing for a couple of roof vents and an a/c unit there is still plenty of real-estate for solar panels. These would be used to top up the drive batteries, the leisure batteries and run some comfort appliances.

Over the past 3 years I have traveled extensively around the UK in a diesel Mercedes sprinter LWB so I have a good idea of what works, what is needed and how to make this project succeed.

Incorporating an electric drive system is a new challenge to me but one I look forward to learning much along the way.